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Lutheran Churches with Email Addresses

In the 1500s, Martin Luther established the Protestant religious movement known as Lutheranism. Luther lived in Germany and was a Catholic monk and theology professor. He initially simply planned to reform Roman Catholicism, but after the Pope expelled him from the Catholic Church, he developed his own religion, Lutheranism. With almost 80 million adherents, Lutheranism is currently one of the largest Protestant groups worldwide.

Lutheran Ideology

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Luther believed that God saw all people as sinners. According to Luther, a person’s deserving-ness did not determine their ability to enter heaven. Good deeds alone did not bring about salvation for anyone. The only way to receive God’s grace is to have faith in God’s existence and power. One needs to believe in the love of God. Only two sacraments—baptism and communion—were observed by Lutherans, compared to seven by Roman Catholics. The Lutheran Church had its ministers deliver sermons in the vernacular of their congregations rather than having services in Latin like the Catholic Church.

The Lutheran Church also allowed churchgoers to participate actively in religious services, which included enabling the congregation to sing about how much they love God. Compared to Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism was essentially a far more democratic religion.

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