Email List of Churches in Georgia

Georgia Churches with Email Addresses

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More than 10 million people live in the state of Georgia, and it’s one of the 13 original colonies in the United States of America. Georgia has hundreds of churches all around the state. It is predominantly Protestant, with more than 70% of the people identifying as Protestant Christians. Here’s a list of Georgia churches with email addresses. Here you will find the most important churches in Georgia and some lesser-known churches. Rock Springs Church: Located at 219 Rock Springs Rd, Milner, Rock Springs Church is one of the better-known churches in Georgia. Pastor Benny runs the church, and you can check out his exciting transformation story on the official Rock Springs Church website. Perimeter Church: The Perimeter Church is a Presbyterian church in Georgia. You can join them at 9:00 and 10:45 AM every Sunday both online and at the church. Brookhaven Christian Church: Brookhaven Christian Church is located in suburban Atlanta. This is a big church with a range of services and offerings. First-time visitors can check out the FAQ section on the official website. Victory Church: Victory Church is another big church in Georgia with regular events, workshops, and seminars. You can also watch inspirational resources on the official Church website. First Baptist Church Sandy Springs: Founded in 1848, the First Baptist Church is a bustling church in Georgia serving thousands of local believers. It’s one of the oldest and most significant churches in Georgia. North Point Community Church: Built more than 25 years ago, the North Point Community Church offers a range of services for both kids and adults. It’s not only a church but a community of Jesus worshippers who help each other. Passion City Church: Passion City Churches are spread across the world and the United States. In Georgia, you can find the Passion City Church at 515 Garson Dr NE, Atlanta. Relevant Church: Relevant Church is a new and progressive church in Georgia that extends its helping hands to thousands of people. You can visit to learn more about the latest happenings. North Georgia Church of God: North Georgia Church of God is among the biggest churches in Georgia. You can find the church at 1803 Wilson Bridge Rd, Homer, GA 30547.

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