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Episcopal Churches with Email Addresses

King Henry VIII left the Roman Catholic Church in 1534 after the pope refused to grant him an annulment, which led to the founding of the Anglican Church. The US Episcopal Church is one of the 46 autonomous churches that make up the Anglican Communion. More than 85 million individuals in 165 different countries are part of the Anglican Communion.

Meaning of Episcopal Churches

Since 1785, the Episcopal Church has operated as a self-governing, independent entity. In the United States, there are about 1.8 million members of the Episcopal Church.

Similar liturgies based on the English Book of Common Prayer bind the churches of the Anglican Communion together.

Although he is not regarded as the “pope” of the Anglican Communion, the Archbishop of Canterbury is seen as the spiritual head of the Anglican Community.

The Episcopal Church has supported a Christian social order with other American denominations, especially since 1900. Its general conventions have often called for social justice, the eradication of prejudice and poverty, the right to self-development, and equitable distribution of the benefits of progress among all people.

The general convention, dioceses, provinces, parishes, or local congregations, make up the Episcopal Church’s system of ecclesiastical governance. Officers of the parish include the rector, who must be a priest; wardens, who serve as the body’s representatives; and vestry members, who serve as the corporation’s trustees.

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