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Baptist Churches with email addresses

Baptists form one of the most well-known denominations in Protestant Christianity. Its primary concept is believer’s baptism, in which a person chooses to publicly profess their trust in Christ through baptism. One of the major Protestant sects in the country, there are over 50 million Baptists in the United States alone.

About Baptism

Baptists have maintained that the Bible is the only source of guidance for Christian belief and conduct ever since the beginning of the church. Many Baptist churches assert that the Bible is their exclusive source of authority, even though some may disagree with particular practices.

Origin of Baptists

Because of his views on how the church should operate, Roger Williams, a former member of the Church of England in America, broke off his relationship with Massachusetts Bay Colony leaders. In uncolonized Rhode Island in 1638, he established the first Baptist church in North America.

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