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Information About the Email List of Illinois Churches

Illinois has diverse religions, and Christianity is the major religion practiced by the majority of the population. According to statistics, 71% of the population follow the Christian faith, and the rest practice other faiths like Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism.

It is very well known that Christianity is categorized into denominations. In Illinois, the largest Christian denomination is the Protestants, and 43% of the Christian practitioners are Protestants. Of the Protestants, there are several groups. 20% of the population are Evangelicals, 16% are Mainline Protestants, and 7% are Historically Black Protestants. This is followed by Catholics. Among the Christian faith, 28% are Catholics, then Jehovah’s Witnesses (1%), Eastern Orthodoxy (1%), and other denominations (1%). We have Illinois Church email addresses in our Database that cover all these  denominations

The total number of churches in Illinois is 12,370but we do not claim to include every single one in our Email Mailing List of Churchesin Illinois.  All these organizations and churches combined employ more than 8000 people. And the revenue of these churches is more than 2 billion dollars. That’s not all. They also have assets worth 9 billion dollars.

Similarly, as Christianity is categorized into denominations, the churches are also categorized into denominations. There are a significant number of Protestant churches. Approximately, 800 are Protestant churches. On the other hand, there are 1128 number of Catholic churches. When it comes to Eastern Orthodox churches, there are three churches in Illinois.

Some of the most iconic churches include Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral, Nauvoo Temple, Old St. Patrick’s Church, St. James Cathedral, and St. John Cantius Church. All of these churches have beautiful buildings and a serene atmosphere to pray and contemplate.