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The Church of Christ is one of the numerous conservative Protestant Churches. It was founded mainly in the United States and is strongest in the Midwest, southern, and western parts of the country. Locally, each church is known as a Church of Christ and the members are called Christians.

About Church of Christ

An early 19th Century movement with roots in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America gave rise to the family of churches known as the Churches of Christ. It was born out of a desire to reject church customs and discover Christ’s will for His Church.

Its patterns and Biblical authority were viewed as the way forward for fostering unity among believers, eradicating boundaries between denominations, and becoming the kind of earthly church Christ would have us be.

In the development of the Churches of Christ, two important characters emerge, Barton W. Stone along with Alexander Campbell. In some cases, the Churches of Christ are referred to be an expression of the “Stone-Campbell Movement.”

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